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progressiveblog's Journal

Daily Progressive - Information and Inspiration
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Heya. Welcome to the Daily Progressive. This is a blog (with moderated posting, I'm afraid - I want to make sure posts are constructive) which I have created to serve as a collection of information and inspiration for members of the progressive movement. To clarify, that means that I'll be posting links to news items relevant to the progressive movement, as well as any items of encouragement or reassurance I find (plus a healthy helping of my own opinions, of course).
I'll also be pulling in (to misuse a military term) actionable intelligence - that is, information about fund-raising drives, letter-writing campaigns, petition-signings, and so on, and so forth, for worthy causes you might not have heard of just yet.

Format-wise, the news and action alerts get updated daily (unless there's something in my personal life preventing that), while the original stuff generally comes up on weekends, because that's when I have time. For members, you should make sure to note cross-posts so we don't wind up discussing the same points in two different places.

Now, stop reading this babble and join, already! Hustle, baby, hustle!

Edit: As you will have likely already observed if you've opened the blog, my update schedule has essentially gone to "never". Entries from members are still welcome and appreciated, however, and moderation should go through quite swiftly.

Edit edit: Whaddya know? I seem to be updating again. C'mon - don't you want to stick around and see if this keeps up? Of course you do.