John (silaar) wrote in progressiveblog,

Saturday continued

Here's the rest of it. (!)

Errol Morris on Kerry's failure to tell his whole story.

Documentary filmaker on peace. Interesting. (!)

Condi's easygoing confirmation hearing. (!)

Democrats show a little spine. About time. (!!!)

The suppression of the torture debate in the mass media. (!)

Wasteful defense spending. (!)

Stopping human trafficking. (this is an issue that I've been doing extensive research on for school, so if any of you want more information, just let me know) (!)

Hypocrisy within the ACLU. (!)

Fighting recidivism. (!)

How the Bushies are "Dancing the War Away". (!!!)

How Social Security "reform" rests on the notion of a free lunch. (!)

Corruption thought to be endemic in new Iraqi government. (!)

The trans-Atlantic rift. (!)

Bush's EPA continues its coddling of industry. (!!)

"A Proposal to End Poverty". (!)

A real violation of "family values". (!)

"The Crafty Attacks on Evolution".

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