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I am assuming there are other moveon.org members in this community so I am posting this comment here. I really value the e-mails I get from moveon.org, but I am very frustrated with the Action Forum on their website. The Action Forum is supposed to be a place where members can suggest issues that moveon.org should focus on. Members can also rate other members suggested priorities. But there are close to 20,000 comments to be voted on (and on the order of 100 postings a day)--which makes the forum useless as a tool for setting the priorities for moveon.org. Is anyone else similarly frustrated? I am really amazed at how poorly the Action Forum is set up. You cannot even search the postings to find subjects you may want to vote on.

I think the forum should be reorganized into two sections. One section would present only the 20-30 comments that are representative of the comments received during a month (like letter to the editor pages in newspapers), and members could rate the importance of these each month. The purpose of this section would be to set the priorities for moveon.org. A second section would be similar to the current format, but would be expanded to include the option for other members to comment on the posting. This section would provide space for open discussion about all issues raised by members. Thoughts?

I e-mailed this suggestion to moveon.org (even posted it in the ActionForum). I hope this posting will inspire other members to e-mail their concern to moveon.org--
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